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Signed Contract for Shareholder Buyout

It has been announced today that shareholder Norman Hassall has now signed the required contracts allowing the sale of his shares in Crewe Alexandra.

This is great news for the once in a lifetime opportunity that is being presented to the fans of Crewe Alexandra in our attempts to purchase a stake in the club.

The Railwaymen Supporters Society announced last month that we are launching a scheme to raise £250,000 in order for us to purchase shares in the club and be involved in the future of the club. With the signing of the contracts this week it has been confirmed that the 1st deadline for these funds to be raised by the Supporters Society is 31st January 2020.

Crewe Chronicle:

When speaking to the Crewe Chronicle editor Peter Morse this week, Chairman Mark Beavan said:

“I think up to now some supporters have been cautious about actually signing cheques because nothing had been signed.

“So it’s fantastic news that pen has been put to paper – it means that this is real. This is happening. This is it.

“The question is now, do the fans really want it?

“This is a once in a lifetime chance for supporters to become equal stakeholders in their club, but we need to actually reach out and grasp it.

“It won’t happen if we don’t do it – sitting on the fence achieves nothing. So the more generous people are the better, although every little helps.

“The opportunity is there so let’s get this done. We are working to a deadline and we are optimistic and determined to make it happen.”

The full article in the chronicle can be read here by click the below link:


Radio Stoke:

Mark Beavan has also appeared on the BBC Radio Stoke Sport at Six show tonight (06/11/2019) to offer further information on how the opportunity has presented itself to both the group and the fans.

He emphasised that this is a once in a lifetime chance for many fans to get involved and make this happen. The club have approved this move as they want to get the fans onboard in a step towards making a better future for the club and the community.

If you would like to listen to Mark’s interview on the show again, it will be available at using this link until 05/12/2019 on the BBC Sounds website. If you skip to 31:30 in the show this will take you to the start of the interview with Mark.

Fund Raising Update:

The Railwaymen Supporters Society are pleased to announced tonight that the current total of the funds raised so far stands at £55,000. This is an amazing start for #Project250 and we thank everyone that has taken the time and effort to invest already. Please help us now to keep the momentum going on this fantastic start and turn the dream into a reality. We really think that fans can make a difference to the club and we’re on our way to achieving that.

If you would like to get involved and invest in #Project250, any of the details that you need can be found on the #Project250 page on this website including a copy of the Community Share Brochure and a copy of the Membership form that details the steps you need to take.

Contact Details:

If after all that you still have questions, we can be contacted by any of the following methods:




For any enquiries please contact:

In Person on a match day – Please let us know if you would like to meet us face to face and we’ll do our best to arrange a time to meet before a game in the Alexandra Suite.

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