You are currently viewing #Project250 – The time to act is now!

#Project250 – The time to act is now!

The Railwaymen Chairman Mark Beavan spoke with the Crewe Chronicle today to give an update on #Project250 which is aiming to get the fan representative onto the board of #CreweAlex. You can read the update here.

We have an amazing £125k raised already which puts us at the halfway point entering the New Year. What comes next is the crunch month. The aim is to reach the £250k total by the 17th January which will in turn allow us to have all of the cash available to purchase the shares in #CreweAlex on the 31st January 2020.

In order to do that, this is what we need the fans to do:

– If you’re personally interested and have the money available, fill in a membership form and submit it ASAP.
– If you want to invest but do not have the cash until the end of the month (payday), still get in touch with us ASAP to arrange it.
– You’re interested but can’t afford it all. Speak to your friends and family. Would you be interested in clubbing together to get involved?
– Do you own or know a business that would like to donate to the fund and help the community around you? Anyone that is interested in this, get in touch and we can discuss this further with you.

People generally like to leave things until late with projects like this. They want to see how it’s going, is it realistic, why bother, they don’t need me. Well, we can tell you that right now, we do need all of you that are interested to come forward now.

We DO have enough time to make this work, but you have to act now!

If you have any questions about #Project250 then please ask us. If we don’t make the target then all of the money will be refunded, so please don’t think “it’s not worth investing because we won’t make it”. Invest, become a member and let’s see what we can achieve as a fanbase. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only get our club back, but become an active part in it. Isn’t that something you’d love to see for generations to come!

Get on board with the Project, the train is about the leave the station, full steam ahead….I’m out of puns, you know the drill……

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