You are currently viewing Crewe Alex enjoy a good Curry or two!

Crewe Alex enjoy a good Curry or two!

Whilst Crewe Alex may not have seen the result we wanted on the pitch against Barnsley in the FA Cup, we were privileged to host a couple of star sportsmen at the game.

As guests of the Railwaymen Supporters Society, England Rugbys twin brothers, Tom and Ben Curry were invited down to meet the team and enjoy the game. This was a great example of how the club and the supporters group can look to celebrate the achievements of local sportsmen and sportswomen.

Railwaymen Supporters Society Chairman Mark Beavan hosted the day and can be seen here introducing the twins to Kenny Lunt before the game to get a feel for how other sports operate.


Both Tom and Ben both really enjoyed the day and were happy to show their support for #Project250 and  how the fans are trying to bring themselves closer to the club and build the community feel.

This was a great opportunity to celebrate the success of two local lads who are operating at the peak of their sport.

It was great that they also took some time to take some tips from Tommy Lowery on how to improve their game on making the big tackles when it matters! Look at them side by side, he’d fit right in if they ever repay the favour and take our team to their training!


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