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#Project250 – Target Achieved!

Statement from the Railwaymen Supporters Society Board

On the 18th October 2019, a group of people that shared a common love all sat together in a room to hear about a vision for the future. An opportunity had presented itself, a vision had been set and now all we had to do was sell the dream!

The Railwaymen Supporters Society stood in front of the gathered fans and explained how a new future could be achieved through something we affectionally came to know as #Project250.

Now, just 3 and a half months later, it gives us immense pleasure to let all fans of Crewe Alexandra know that #Project250 has been successful in reaching it’s target amount! Through the hard work of the Railwaymen Supporters Society and the passion of the fans from the club, we have successfully reached the £250,000 target that we need to purchase shares in the club.


The fans will have a representative on the board of their football club!


This is a massive achievement. Over 400 people have dug deep in their pockets and provided money to purchase memberships in the society to make this happen. Every fan that has purchased, talked about, supported or even wished us well should be proud. We could not have done this without you.

This is just the beginning. We now have a board meeting on Wednesday where the next steps will be discussed which importantly include the finalising of the deal. As soon as we can, we will bring you more information on this.

In the mean time, if you still feel that you want to be involved but didn’t get to us by the 31st Jan, please contact us and we can let you know how you can still be a part of #Project250. It’s not too late.


Once again, we would like to say Thank You. Without the support of the fans, we would never have been able to achieve this. WE have raised £250,000 for OUR football club…..that’s pretty amazing!

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  1. Keith B

    I can only say an enormous thank you to all the people on the Supporters society board for having the vision to organise this truly wonderful project.
    The same thanks of course have to go to all of the fans who have been able to contribute, recognising that not everyone is in a position to be able to do so, but never the less remain an important part of our much loved club .

  2. Andy Harrison

    Well done Railwaymen, that’s really impressive. I’m one of the 300+volunteers working on enabling a football team in Bury to play in August this year, following the disaster of 2019 and EFL expulsion. Further details here about our work and aspirations.
    If you can offer any good advice on fundraising so quickly or helpful guidance about how you have engaged with fans in the process, I would be very grateful.
    Kind regards,

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