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Crewe Alexandra Crossword

Today we were meant to be travelling to Port Vale in large numbers to get behind a table topping Crewe Alex team hoping to strengthen our position in the promotion race.

Unfortunately it isn’t to be we but we live in hope that the games will be rescheduled when the world begins to return to normal and the football family along with everyone else can move around safely again.

Until then, there is a massive gap in peoples Saturdays. We’ll try and provide some things over the next few weeks to keep people busy for a bit. The first of which is a Crewe Alex based Crossword with the clues provided by Richard Benson from the Railwaymen. Give it a go….can you get them all?

Use the clues beneath the crossword and then click on the boxes and type in your guesses!

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  1. Adrian Cope

    Had to cheat a bit with a couple Ben, but got there in the end!

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