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Railwaymen Fans Survey Results – Part 3

During the Lockdown months of May and June 2020, The Railwaymen Supporters Society asked fans of Crewe Alexandra to complete a survey to help gauge some information from the fan base to help us understand the views and opinions of the fanbase.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey, it is much appreciated by our fan Board and by the Club. The results whilst not exhaustive, give us a representation of the thoughts of the fanbase and an initial starting block to start from.

In total, there were 355 replies which was many more than we expected. This has enabled us to share our findings and results with the Crewe Alexandra Board at the main board meetings, via your Board member Mark Beavan.

The survey results and feedback were well received and hopefully will be the catalyst for some actions/changes over the coming months and years

What we have done over a series of articles is to share the results with you and offer some feedback of what is initially being done as a result of them. The questions have been split into three easy to digest sections and have been published over the last couple of days. The questions and answers will not always be in numerical order.


Part 3 – What changes would Crewe Alexandra fans like to see

This section was aimed at giving Crewe Alexandra fans a wish list. What would they like to change about our club if they had the opportunity?









Part 3 Feedback:

The free text nature of the response to this question enabled the fans to say what would make a difference to the club in their opinion. These answers have been shared with the full Crewe Alexandra board and have been read with interest by them.

Sub committees have been formed within the main board to look into and try to address different areas of the club and see what improvements can be made. Some examples of these include:

  • New, larger, flatscreen TV’s have been purchased by the board for the concourse and lounge areas. These have been long overdue in the eyes of many fans and will enable you to see the screens in better quality and from more locations.
  • It is also being reviewed what will be viewed on these TV’s from archive footage to additional sponsorship and messages from the staff.
  • Investigations in a large, electronic scoreboard are being reviewed alongside the possible sponsorship that would be required to make the purchase. The board agree this would be a good improvement and source of income. More information on this will follow.
  • Half time food and beverage options are being reviewed to see how this experience can be improved. From the items on sale to the speed of service will all be considered along with how service may be affected by COVID style regulations.
    “On joining the Crewe Alex board, the new directors were keen to listen to the fans and get their opinion on matters relating to the matchday experience. The Railwaymen Supporters’ Society, through there recent survey, suggested a number of areas where improvements were needed, and we will work together to make them where we can. The televisions came top on the survey, and we are delighted to the see the new ones are now in place.” – Tony Davison, Crewe Alexandra Board Member

The above is not an exhaustive list of things being looked at but will hopefully give you an indication that the board is taking the voice of the fans seriously and want to help us improve the club for the better. We will continue to try and feedback information to you from the boardroom on future plans and changes that are being made.

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