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Railwaymen Fans Survey Results – Part 1

During the Lockdown months of May and June 2020, The Railwaymen Supporters Society asked fans of Crewe Alexandra to complete a survey to help gauge some information from the fan base to help us understand the views and opinions of the fanbase.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey, it is much appreciated by our fan Board and by the Club. The results whilst not exhaustive, give us a representation of the thoughts of the fanbase and an initial starting block to start from.

In total, there were 355 replies which was many more than we expected. This has enabled us to share our findings and results with the Crewe Alexandra Board at the main board meetings, via your Board member Mark Beavan.

The survey results and feedback were well received and hopefully will be the catalyst for some actions/changes over the coming months and years

What we would like to do now over a series of articles is to share the results with you and offer some feedback of what is initially being done as a result of them. The questions have been split into three easy to digest sections and will be published over the next couple of days. The questions and answers will not always be in numerical order.

Part One – Who are the Crewe Alex Fans

This section of questions is focused around who comes to watch Crewe Alex fans.




Part 1: Feedback

After a review of this it has helped to feed into a new initiative to look at how diverse our football club is. The Railwaymen Supporters Society have offered to look into how we as a club, can be more inclusive for BAME, LGBT, Multi-national, Disabled, Female, Youth and Junior fans.

This working party has been initially formed and will report back into the Railwaymen and Crewe Alex Boards. There will be opportunities for fans to get involved with this and help to shape the future fans of the club by making us more accessible to everyone.

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  1. Gary Pearson

    Interesting but fairly predictable results. We’re a family club with the bulk of the support towards the older age ranges. So what are the club doing to get the teenagers back in the ground.

    Secondly, I am subscribed but have had no communications from the group and therefore I don’t think I participated in the survey. I do not use Facebook or Twitter so email is my only medium.


    Gary Pearson

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