The Railwaymen Supporters Society Limited Ballot for the Election of the Society Board 2020.

Please read these instructions carefully.

You are entitled to vote for up to TEN (10) candidates.

Any spoilt paper will be excluded from the election process. A spoilt paper will comprise:

  • any ballot paper received after the deadline time and date;
  • any ballot paper that includes more than ten votes (you can of course vote for less than ten candidates if you wish);
  • any voting indication which does not use a cross (X) or where the votes cast are unclear;
  • any ballot paper which does not show your membership number, name, and address;
  • any duplicate voting slips received ie where it appears that one member has submitted more than one vote, either in hard copy, electronically, or a combination of the two; all duplicates will be considered spoilt;
  • any voting paper that the Returning Officer deems to be of doubtful validity.


The decisions of the Returning Officer are final in all cases.

Please place a cross (X) within each box on the ballot paper for up to TEN candidates you wish to elect to the Society Board.

Also enter your name, address, and membership number (from your share certificate) in the space provided.

If you are unsure of your membership number, then please email or call the Returning Officer at  or on 07946615889.

When you have made your choices, email or post the ballot paper to the Returning Officer appointed by the Society Board to count the votes. The postal ballot closes at 23:59 on Monday 2h November 2020 by which time the ballot paper, a scan, or photo of it must have been received by the Returning Officer.

Download a ballot form here.

Voting is for society members only and your membership number is the certificate number on your share certificate.

Richard Benson nominated by Maxine Denson seconded by Holly Benson

Name: Richard Benson (known as Ben) Age: 57 First game attended 1975. Season Ticket holder since 1979. Current Interim Board Member – Campaign Officer

I am lucky to be part of a phenomenal membership who raised £250,000 in only a few short months. Doubly lucky in that I was asked to be a part of the Interim Board that headed up this achievement. (And I would like to take this chance to thank all our members).


My 35 years as a Maths teacher and Department Head (the last 12 in SEND settings), have given me the experience needed to organise and see projects through. A combination of tenacity, thoroughness and passion has helped the board achieve such a lot in the last year or so. However we/I have only scrapped the surface of what we can do. There is a lot more we can and should do.


Electing myself (and the other board members) will ensure continuity. With the lack of supporters in grounds I believe that it is vital that we represent our membership in this and many other aspects. The current board with some new blood would be well placed to give help and advice to the club, having already created good communication pathways with several areas of CAFC. Continuity would also help with keeping you informed and with campaigning.


As a former Union rep at 3 different schools, a school governor, a manager of an amateur football club and the Treasurer of my local Athletics club, I think it stands out that I have the dedication and commitment to represent our members fully. My recent retirement means I also have the time to see things through to a conclusion. (The commitment that saw the younger me, stood in the snow on a Friday night in a freezing cold Halifax!). In case you’re worried I have given up all but the player/manager role of my veterans football team, allowing me to focus on the fund raising and now the next steps.


Vote for me because I am you. A truly representative Alex fan. Brought up on the Middlewich Street estate, I have never lost my roots or forgotten my connection to Crewe. Working in Manchester for years, pupils constantly asked “No, but which Premier League team do you support?” To which the only answer was – None – Never – I support The Alex and I hope the ref wins the derby game.


Brought to my first game by my Dad. I have indoctrinated my daughter. My best mates are Alex fans. I have made new friendships in the rows around me. Most of us are the same and I would be honoured to represent you.



Ian Affleck nominated by Scott Kynnersley seconded by Colin Higginson

I like to introduce myself to you all, my name is Ian Affleck and I took my first Crewe Alexandra game back in 1979 when my dad took me. I went a few games at first and went onto get my first season ticket back in 1988 which proved to be a good season as the Alex gained promotion to then Division 3.


I have followed the Railwaymen all over the country and enjoyed witnessing success at Wembley along with the dark days of relegation.


My background is that I was born in Manchester but moved to Crewe when I was just few weeks old as my dad transferred to Rail House. I have grown up in Crewe all my life and currently work at Bentley Motors where I have worked for the last 8 years and prior to that I worked at Royal Mail for 18 years.


I was secretary of the Crewe Licensed Houses Pool League for just over 11 years from 2005 to 2016 and been secretary of Faddiley FC for the last eight years as well as manager for seven of them years as well. I was recognised for my work with Faddiley FC in 2019 when I was awarded the secretaries award for the work I had done with the club.


I have been a part of the Railwaymen Society Group from its inception and formed a good relationship with all on the committee attending many meetings to get the group to where it is today. I also purchased my shares earlier in the year, which was a major highlight for the group as we tirelessly got the E250k needed to have a place on the new Crewe Alexandra board.


My current role on the committee is assistant secretary and again would like to continue with the role ensuring that the group moves on stronger and plays a part for the supporters over the coming years.



Ian Affleck


Linda Flevill nominated by David Tomlinson seconded by Scott Kynnersley


Voluntary Occupation: VICE CHAIR(WO)MAN the Railwaymen Supporters Society Committee.

I support the Club we all now proudly part own both at Home, as a season ticket holder in the Gresty End, and Away from home travelling mainly on Sandbach Travelling Alex Trips.


12 Years ago I became a transplant patient, after receiving my mother’s donated Kidney, since then I have been very passionate about supporters with disabilities and illness being part of our club and the wider footballing community without feeling left out or suffering discrimination, this along with involving Women much more in football whether on the pitch or in the stand is currently and hopefully will continue to be a very important part of my future work within the Railwaymen Supporters society.


Along with my many years supporting the Club in the Stands, I  worked in the club offices as an assistant to the then Secretary Gill Palin which coincided with Dario joining the club, very exciting times and something not many people know about me, I have also been a Ground steward mostly in the main stand, I finished these duties when I became ill, with CKD.


I follow the England national team both Home and Away and have had the privilege of being an FA representative during FIFA and UEFA tournaments with responsibility for supporter safety, I have also been part of the FSA Freelions Fans Embassy providing support to England Supporters.


I have been a long-time member of the FSF/FSA (Football Supporters Association) and I fully support their aims and believe their help to our society has been invaluable with helping us to the position we are in today.


I feel very honoured and privileged to have been involved with both the Railwaymen Supporters group and the Railwaymen Supporters society as Vice Chair(wo)man helping the group and the interim board work tirelessly to firstly achieve our aim of raising the amount required to move successfully towards the position of  owning 10% of OUR Club Crewe Alexandra, plus how as a group we have progressed since that momentous day.


The society ownership and involvement at the very top of OUR Club I believe compliments what is already in place, working together will ease and improve the chances of taking the club further in what we can all see being a very tough and difficult period.


It is imperative within fottball that decisions taken, always have the views of the supporter taken into account as we the Fan’s are the lifeblood of everyclub, as everyone has suddenly noticed without fans football is diminished.


The Board and Members of The Railwaymen Supporters Society need to continuosly work hard to maintain the position where our relationship with both the Football Club and Supporters is such that the society is respected and trusted to proffesionally help, interact and liiase with every aspect of the football club and its supporters. We can proudly shout from the rooftops what we have achieved so far as a group, but we have only just started so lets use one big collective voice so we are heard and who knows what else we can achieve.


Also I believe it is a supporters right from the moment they leave their home to go and watch the match, until they return home, to be treated respectfully by all who they meet, they should be safe and whether its travel or admission they feel they have had value for money. Are we there yet? I don’t believe we are. The Railwaymen and our members have certainly gone further than anybody before, it is now time to move forward, I want to work with you all to help make this happen.


For over 30 years I have worked within the Pottery industry progressing to my Current position with Fiskars PLC as Inventory Manager maintaining the stock levels in the warehouse which provides the inventory for the European, Asian and African markets which come under my control. Within these markets on a yearly basis I deal with  multimillion pound budgets.


I feel the skills I have gained and developed throughout my progression within the pottery industry along with my various experiences and roles within the footballing world especially my supporter involvement, hopefully gives me the skills and experience to be part of the board of the Railwaymen supporters society, where I promise to represent every member of the Crewe Supporter family to the highest standard. This is why I hope I am succesfull in gaining a position on the Railwaymen Supporters Society Board.


Tim Tantram nominated by Linda Flevill seconded by David Tomlinson

My name is Tim Tantram and I’m a Stafford based Crewe Alexandra fan who has supported the club for about 20 years. When we’re allowed, I have a season ticket in the main stand and go to games with my son Jack and wife Emma. In my spare time I manage the Stafford Rangers Juniors Reds U8’s football team. My background is working in the IT industry and I am currently an IT Support Manager for a global company.


I’ve been involved with the Railwaymen Supporters Society for just over a year now since I was asked to get involved and help with the Media side of the Society. Over the last year I’ve contributed to the success of Railwaymen Supporters Society by the following:

  • Involvement in the strategy for #Project250.
  • Designed and built the new website from scratch.
  • Published all content to the website with the assistance of other board members to construct News and Blog content alongside official documentation.
  • Created a Facebook Page to work alongside the Facebook Group and have grown the subscriber base on the page to over 1,000.
  • Enhanced the Twitter profile and increased the follower base from around 400 to over 1,400.
  • I have also assisted with the publishing and design of documents such as the Share Brochure that was key to the #Project250 launch night.


I feel this has been a key role within the Society and one that can be developed further as the Society grows and the projects increase.


Should I be elected onto the Railwaymen Society Board, I hope to help to build this role further with the assistance of new members to improve the reach and content of the Society in conjunction with any projects and work we undertake as a board.


Scott Kynnersley nominated by Matthew Owen seconded by Mark Beavan

Hi, I am Scott Kynnersley.


I have been doing the secretary role for the society on the interim board since the society was formed back in July 2019 and was previously the secretary for The Railwaymen Supporters Group.


I have been a season ticket holder at the Alex since the late 80’s and have also travelled to most away games since the early 1990’s with my dad and other family members.  Over the years, I have met so many good friends through the Alex and one of the societies key aims is helping to maintain and improve the club in the local community ensuring the club is around for all future generations to support like we do today.


So some background on myself, after school I went to South Cheshire College studying Business and IT and later went to GIST logistics (Food distribution for M&S Foods) where I have worked for the past 23 years both in the warehouse and currently in the offices as an Operations Planner.


I help run and organise unofficial coach travel to all Crewe games (pre-COVID of course) for Sandbach Travelling Alex.  I have been doing this for around 20 years and over the years it has been great fun – including helping organise over 30 coaches to Wembley not once but twice !!!


I was also part of The Steve Phillips charity organisation which raised over £20,000 by running a series of events in the build up to Steve completing the London to Paris bike ride for Leukaemia and lymphoma research.


I was honoured to be invited on the testimonial Committee for Neil Baker back in 2019 when over 25 ex-players pulled on the famous Alex shirt again to say thank you to a long standing legend of the club in Neil Baker.  We also hosted a series of events which included a sportsman diner with former Crewe and current England assistant manager Steve Holland and Dean Ashton.


I was also a long-standing committee member of Crewe Alexandra Supporters Initiative for nearly 10 years which we helped the football club link up with the fan base and raise money for the local community.


Having been part of the society board which proudly raised over £250k earlier this year to purchase around 10% of the football club thanks to the generosity off our fanbase and founder society members, it would be an absolute honour to stay on board with the society and help the society move forward and become stronger by strengthening the bonds between Crewe Alexandra FC, the fans and the communities in which it serves.


Jonathan Manning nominated by Scott Kynnersley seconded by Matthew Owen

was born in Crewe and live and work in the town.


I am a relatively well-known qualified lawyer working for a local firm of solicitors in Crewe having previously been a partner in that firm and as a result I have a deep long-lasting understanding of Crewe the surrounding area its history and above all its people.


My family and I have a long association with Crewe Alexandra. My grandfather playing for the Alex in the 1920’s and I played for Crewe Alexandra juniors in the 1970’s in the days before YTS, if anyone can remember that far back. I still regularly play football today although perhaps now at a very reduced pace !


Most match days I can be found at the game with my family passionately cheering on the team. At home games from the main stand and in the away end on away game days. To my delight my children have also accepted the lifelong commitment to being a Crewe Alex fan and my constant pressure and encouragement appears to have paid off.


A once in a lifetime opportunity has been afforded to us the fans to be part of our club moving forward and to have a voice and dialog at the very heart of Crewe Alexandra. It has been a very long time since anyone could have dared to think that would come our way. I believe that we should grasp this opportunity to work with the new owners of our beloved club and to enhance upon the good relations we have with them so for the benefit of us all, the fans, the Railwaymen members and the community as a whole.


As a Crewe Alex fan it must be said that massive thanks must go to the Railwaymen organisation, the new owners and the people behind it for getting us the fans to this present position. But we must not rest here. I believe we should take the relationship further and try and enhance the relationship and realise the potential for Crewe Alexandra to become a fully inclusive community club. A football club for the benefit of all and everyone which we all hope it can become.


I would relish the opportunity if I was chosen to represent the individual Railwaymen members and serve on the board of the Railwaymen Supporters Society. i would hope my experience as a lawyer and of Crewe people generally could assist the board in the journey along the way to achieve the overall goal of a truly inclusive community football club. The journey is one however which will never end and we all, the members of the Railwaymen and fans alike, must continue and strive to improve Crewe Alexandra so it continues to give us the passion and pleasure we all get from being Crewe Alexandra fans.


Liam Connolly nominated by Liam Connolly seconded by Andrew Connolly

As a passionate fan of Crewe since the age of 9 I would consider it an honour to serve on the board of the Railwaymen supporters society. I am part of the Senior Management team of the Andrew Connolly Practice and am a qualified financial adviser.


My vision is to become a link between the community and club.  I have demonstrated my commitment to the club through the sponsorship of the Family stand, where as a family business we know the importance that football has for family and the community bringing in new and young fans, just like myself twenty years ago, We currently do this by putting on events to encourage families to come through the gates of Gresty road and discover just what a special club Crewe is.


As a member of the board I would work to bridge the gap between the club and the community. I want to help develop strategies to bring more local sponsorship and opening the club to a wider audience and to be completely inclusive for the local community within the Cheshire area. I want to explore ways of taking this out into the community and Create projects that will be of benefit for years to come. I see this as a fantastic way to raise the profile of Crewe. Being a fan all my life I have embraced the ethos of the club which believes in investing into young potential and creating homegrown stars, this is something I support strongly and always will. I will bring the same dedication to the board as I have following the Alex and will always act with the supporters And community in mind, after all it’s the supporters who make the football club special and we are all part of our community.


Thank you.



David Slack nominated by Scott Kynnersley seconded by Matthew Owen

I am 61 years old and have supported Crewe Alexandra all my life,attending my 1st game in 1970. I have seen the bad times and the good times in my time watching the Alex.


I am now semi retired having been in the telecommunications sector from 1976 until last year,working all over Great Britain.For the last 12 years I was a quality auditor.


I was a committee member of both the original Crewe Alexandra supporters association and the CASI before getting involved with the society last year. So getting involved with the Railwaymen was a natural progression for me.I am also a shareholder in the football club, having bought my first lot of shares in 1982.


As many of you will know I have helped run the badge and programme shop for over 30 years. One of the things I have got involved in has been producing retro badges using the old Coffer design badge. Over the last 7 years this has helped us in the shop sponsor the kits of former academy players who have gone on to play for the first team.This year we will be sponsoring 5 kits, beating last years total of 4.I have also done Crewe Alexandra poppy badges with all the profit being donated to the Royal British Legion.


Apart from football I like most sports, I still play cricket(mind willing body not so!), reading and History.


Hopefully I can continue being involved with the Railwaymen as the group go forward in these difficult times.


Colin Higginson nominated by Scott Kynnersley seconded by David Slack

I have been an avid fan of Crewe Alex since watching my first game in 1984, a 3-2 win v Swindon (should have been 4-2 but a lack of goal line technology cost us 😊 ).


When I was asked to join the initial meetings of The Railwaymen Supporters Group before it became a Co-operative society I was very excited as I felt change was needed at the football club, whether that be by deed or attitude. When this escalated and we were approached by Charles Grant then we had a big decision to make as to which vehicle was used in order to facilitate the fans buying in to the football club. From these informal beginnings we grew into the Co-operative Society we are now and my job was to balance the monies coming in to the membership list. Project 250 had a deadline of 31st January and being an accountant this coincided with mu busiest month as 31st January is also self assessment deadline day. Given that over half of the memberships were in the last 7 days prior to the deadline, this was a mammoth task and thankfully on deadline day I work with 2 screens so it was 1 for work and 1 for Railwaymen membership! I don’t think it should be underplayed what a huge job the current committee did in succeeding with Project 250 and it is my firm belief that in recognition of this that they deserve the opportunity to form the new committee.


I am a qualified accountant and a partner in a local firm and have run audits from small owner managed businesses all the way up to a group of companies which had a turnover of circa £1.4bn. The knowledge I have in this field gives me a skillset which is very useful to the committee and through contacts I have I am able to access very high level knowledge if required.


I have also taken numerous community activities. I have been a governor at a local Primary School for 10 years, with 2 years as Chair and have also been treasurer of a local pool league for about 15 years. I have given both these roles up in order to devote more time to family and also this Society, with the football club being my major passion.


I believe that with my experience, knowledge and passion that I would be a useful member of The Railwaymen Supporters Society committee.


David Tomlinson nominated by Linda Flevill seconded by Scott Kynnersley

Name: DAVID TOMLINSON. Occupation: TRAIN DRIVER (Transport for Wales). Voluntary Occupation: Football Supporters Association National Council Member and The Railwaymen Committee Member.

I am a lifelong home and away supporter of our great club, (when allowed).


Until recently, I was a Club Supporters Liaison Officer, one of the few SLO’s appointed from a club fan base, becoming the link between the supporters and the club, attending meetings with supporters and club officials, assuring supporters views were heard and taken into account when club decisions were made. I was a member of the clubs Safety Advisory Group and represented the club and supporters at Football Authority meetings, I have also been a ground Steward.


As a Supporter I was both a Junior Alex and Crewe Alexandra Supporters Initiative committee member, where I rose to the position of Chairman, leading the group and dealing with the football club and the media.


I follow England and became involved in their Supporters sections, putting the voice of the supporter into the FA at various levels, I have represented supporters and the FA on host cities visits prior to World Cups and UEFA tournaments, I am now part of the FSA Freelions Fans Embassy providing support to England Supporters.


Within the FSF/FSA I have undertaken the role as a Director, Northern Chairman, I am currently on the National Council, and the international Embassy team.


I am privileged to have been involved from the inception of the Railwaymens Supporters group, followed by helping the Railwaymen Supporters society move successfully towards the position of owning 10% of our great Club and being in an influential position within Crewe Alexandra.


I believe our investmest and involvement will significantly improve the chances of the club  moving forward and continuing to be the great club we all support. The voice of the supporter within football must be heard and their views taken into account when decisions are being taken. The work and progress of our society has so far, made a big contribution within the Club, during the current difficult times we are all going through and beyond our involvement will prove so important.


It is important The Railwaymen Supporters Society is the first port of call for supporters, we must also keep our standing within the football club high so that we are respected to such a level that they contact the society to discuss issues as well as the society contacting them. We should all be rightly proud of what the Railwaymen have achieved, and we need to keep moving forward.


I believe my industrial relation skills developed over 20 years as a union representative for ASLEF, which I combine with my role as a train driver can complement and add to the board of the Railwaymen. My duties with ASLEF include representing members in disputes and disciplinary hearings, along with securing the best terms and conditions during negotiations with train operating companies. I also have the responsibilities of putting together yearly duty and annual leave rosters working within the agreed company and national rules and regulations.


I hope the experience and knowledge I have obtained whilst undertaking both my work duties and roles in football put me in a position to help our society and supporters move forward to a position where our voices are heard and views, policies and ideas will become even more influential and continue to make a real difference. This is why I hope I am succesfull in gaining a position on the Railwaymen Supporters Society Board.


Mark Beavan nominated by Matt Owen seconded by Scott Kynnersley

My name is Mark Beavan. I was born in Crewe during the winter of 1962 and spent my early school days at Brierley Street Infants School, before my family moved to Wistaston, where I attended Wistaston County Primary School. My first memory of attending the Alex was when I was about 6. My grandad used to help out in the bar under the old wooden main stand where I remember drinking a bottle of pop whist sat on an up turned beer crate. I don’t remember much about the football, but it became a regular event. By the time I went to Crewe Grammar School for Boys I was an avid fan and became a member of the Junior CAFC supporters club. Once I was allowed to attend games on my own I became a season ticket holder and that was it, I was hooked.


After leaving school I trained to be an accountant and established the partnership firm Burton Beavan & Co in 1986. The practise was based in Northwich where I lived for several years before marrying and moving back to Crewe in 1993. I am a Chartered Tax Adviser and in 2010 I set up my own tax adviser and accountancy business, which I now operate from my home address in Willaston. My wife, Jane and I have two children, Harry and Millie.


In addition to football, I play golf, badly and I am also an Annual Member at Bangor-on-Dee racecourse. I like listening to music, especially when it’s live and even managed to persuade my daughter and wife to attend a festival last year.


About three years ago I was approached by members of the old ASI supporters group if I would be interested in forming a new Crewe Alex Supporters Group, which evolved into The Railwaymen Supporters’ Group, of which I am chairman of the initial working party board. The Alex has played such an important role in my life, and I want to help secure its future for many generations to come.


Earlier this year the Supporters were successful in raising enough money to purchase a meaningful stake in the football club. It is the responsibility of the board of The Railwaymen Supporters’ Group to ensure we continue to fulfil our aims and objectives and remain at the heart of the community. I am proud to be involved in this wonderful club and wish to apply for a position on the board of this Society.

Matt Owen nominated by Scott Kynnersley seconded by Mark Beavan

I have been a supporter of Crewe Alexandra for over 30 years, grew up yards from the ground and also worked down the road at Rail House for a number of years I have been a regular at both home and away matches over a long period of time.


My passion for the club led to me getting involved with the old fan club (The Crewe Alexandra Supporters Initiative) and helped with several key fund-raising events whilst also working with the club to improve the matchday experience.


When I asked if I would get involved with the Railwaymen Supporters Society it was something that I jumped at as I believe a strong supporters organisation is key to improving relationship between the club, its fanbase and wider community.


I played an integral part in the set up of the group, working with the Football Supporters Association and other board members to get up and running and get the confidence of the football club whilst increasing our membership base.


I became an Interim board member and played a major role in setting up and promoting the “Target250k” engaging with our fan base and encouraging more to get involved so that we can make a difference.


We reached the target and I would be proud to be elected to the full board, representing our loyal and dedicated fan base in what will be challenging times ahead. I am committed to listening to our members, working with the club and board to ensure we continue to head in the right direction.




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