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Minutes from Last Members meeting

Minutes from Last Members meeting

Meeting held on Wednesday 21st September 2022 at The Mornflake Stadium, Crewe Alexandra FC, Wrights Lounge.

Apologises received from David Tomlinson (DT), Liam Connolly (LC), Robert Dutton (RD), Rob Kelsall and Malcolm Edge.

Members Present (19)

SK thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and opened meeting at 19:30

Crewe Alexandra Group Limited Fan Elected Directors Report

MB reiterated the thanks for all coming. He explained how things had changed since our last forum – new manager in his first job which is very different to coaching for him.

The club board are looking to support the manager through his learning curve.
As a board member, MB is happy with how things are going. The player recruitment process is much more professional and there has been a good focus on the retention of younger players.

Financially the club is ok but they are up against clubs with wealthy owners.

There has been a big investment in the pitches, both at the ground and at Reaseheath.

Market Hall Stand

The stall opened 25th August with a successful launch with it being manned by volunteers.

The vision was to have a presence in the town centre and the market hall was seen to be a good fit as it is a vibrant area.

Sales to date of over £1,400 and it is hoped we will be busier in the run up to Christmas.

Thursday October 6th Kelvin Mellor will be there and the Christmas Lights switch on will be by the market hall so we will ensure we are open for this.


Junior Membership

The launch of this has seen many juniors enjoy the benefits and in half term there will be a training session held at the ground for juniors to watch and chat with players.



Stevenage was first of season, donations were down on previous collections but this has been put down to a lack of publicity from the club.

Next collection is Gillingham and 5th November is dependent on FA Cup draw.

Fans should note they can drop food at the market hall stand any time the stall is open.


Business Plan

The business plan had been emailed to members in early 2022. We are on schedule with our promises of fans forums.

The matchday experience for juniors is improving with 1 member per month winning a mascot package. One member asked about flag waving as players walk out which is being done at some games but not all.

Our commitment to the Foodbank has been seen to be a great partnership in the community.



Community Project

A short video presentation was made of the Crewe Youth Centre relaunch in association with Crewe Amateur Boxing Club. We are pleased to be supporting this initiative and more information is available from Rob Kelsall.

Q and A
Website (club) – why is it poor and out of date. Also manager interview appears on Facebook prior to club website. MB to bring this up with club.

Founder member board – MB updated members. He has been let down by a supplier so now using Zero Signs so should be sorted soon – they are a club sponsor.

Alex Morris – why doesn’t he stay in his technical area as he blocks the Assistant Referee’s view – short discussion on manager etiquette ensued (both CAFC and opponents)

Gresty is threadbare – MB explained it is very expensive to replace.

Is manager and board ambitions enough? MB explained they are looking towards Championship, that is the ultimate aim.

RB asked members to submit ideas for articles to put in the Inside Crewe magazine.
MB reiterated thanks to volunteers.

Inside Crewe magazine – possibility of recycling old issues for those unable to afford subscription?

Shirt prices too expensive – many members agreed

1877 Hospitality – not good value for money and appears to be aimed at corporates and not the ‘average fan’ – discussion ensued and most agreed with this opinion.

Discussion over scoreboard and tannoy – MB explained that scoreboard errors have been down to too many people having an input with nobody being responsible – this has change now.

Also discussed was the poor sound output from the scoreboard. MB explained that there has been significant outlay on the sound system but problems are still occurring.

Training ground experience will kick in after Christmas (as advertised with Project 250).

Meeting Closed at 21:11.

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