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Member Notice

Dear member

We are delighted to announce that The Railwaymen Supporters Society will be holding their AGM on Thursday 08 December 2022 in The Wrights Lounge at Crewe
Alexandra Football club from 19:30.

One of the key parts of the AGM, in line with the society rules (7.2 of The Railwaymen Board and Conduct Policy), three members of the current society board will resign
and then possible seek re-election along with any society member who applies for election to the board. This will be done via a postal vote through an independent
scrutineer and we are delighted to have been assigned Neil Le Milliere to do this role who is on the board of Exeter City Supporters Trust.

Enclosed is an election nomination form which any society member wishing to apply to become a society board member will need to complete and return to Neil Le
Milliere via email at by 23:59 on Sunday 06 November 2022 along with a BIO to why you should be voted onto the board by the members.
Signatures can be typed/electronic as long has the form is returned electronically from the email address register for the nominee. Each nomination will receive acknowledgment
from Neil on receipt of the application.

All nominations and BIO’s will then be listed on Societies website and sent out to members via email/post along with voting forms which again are sent to Neil Le Milliere.
** Please Note – There is then only a vote if the election is contested, so at least one more nomination than places available on the board. Should there be the same or
less nominations than the number of vacancies on the board then the nominees will only be the subject of an affirmative vote at the AGM.**

If any society member would like to raise a resolution to the AGM please reply to this email with your full resolution submissions (including your name and membership
/share certificate number) – you can find the Society model rules on our website
The deadline for any resolution submissions is Sunday 06th November at 23:59.

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