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    By Tom Kural There is an expectation that Crewe will be promoted later this week. It should be a cause for wild celebration. Fantastic. Wonderful. Isn’t this what we wanted all along? Recognition for a season of scintillating football in which only Peterborough have scored more goals in the Football League and only Crawley have had more shots. And the financial rewards of playing in League One next season will be worth £600,000 extra in
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    Crewe Alexandra Word Search Another weekend, another weekend of no live match day at 3pm. Fear not, we can try and fill a few minutes of your time with a Crewe Alexandra word search. It’s a nice big one so kind you find them all? Just click on the first and last letter of where you think the word is and see if it’s right!
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    By Tom Kural The Crewe Alex accounts for the period covering July 2018 to June 2019 are now available to view on Companies House and give reason for both optimism and despair in these uncertain times. The bottom line shows that the club lost £1.146m or £22k p/w over the last financial year, the single biggest loss in one season in the clubs history, eclipsing the £1.034m loss in 2015. The main reason for this
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    Today we were meant to be travelling to Port Vale in large numbers to get behind a table topping Crewe Alex team hoping to strengthen our position in the promotion race. Unfortunately it isn’t to be we but we live in hope that the games will be rescheduled when the world begins to return to normal and the football family along with everyone else can move around safely again. Until then, there is a massive
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    By Richard Benson So here we are, either at home with little to do or working from home or out doing essential key work (a big thanks to all of you in this group). No football except repeats and highlights and if like me you barely acknowledge the EPL. You’ve probably paused your sports packages. So to get my football fix I’ve been rummaging through boxes of random memorabilia and enjoying the memories. I even
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    On 17th January 2020, Richard Benson was invited into BBC Radio Stoke to talk about the Railwaymen Supporters Society and what we’re trying to achieve with #Project250. Here is his account of the night for anyone that missed it live along with a link so you can listen again:   Let’s start at the end. 7.03pm, walking out of the studio and Matt Sandoz tells me he has just received a text about the programme
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    This looks like being a great season for the Alex. A potential promotion season and not just via the play-offs either. It also feels like we could even win League Two. Good Cup runs too, have helped the positive vibe. However I have a feeling that there is a Glass ceiling, and that the achievements of smaller clubs are becoming increasingly limited. The Championship is full of ex-Premier League teams with Parachute Payments and Rich
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    ‘Twas the  night before Christmas and young Alexander Fann was tucked up in bed dreaming. He was approached by the ghost of Christmas “Hello young man I am Charles Grant” said the fine figure of a man before him. “You will be visited by three ghosts tonight. The ghosts of football past, present and future. Take heed of what they say!” No sooner had those last words been uttered than Alex found himself in the
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    The Railywaymen Supporters Society were delighted to announce the launch of Project 250 on the 18th October 2019. Project 250 aims to raise £250,000 by the 28th of February 2020 to enable the Supporters Society to purchase a stake in Crewe Alexandra Football Club. This £250,000 will help to safeguard the future of Crewe Alexandra, ensuring it remains community owned and ran by a group of local people with the best interests of the club
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    Tim Tantram
    Here we are, 13 league games into the season, sitting pretty at the top of the league, playing a style of football we haven’t seen in years and after listening to the travelling support at Carlisle, it’s clear  we’re enjoying the ride. Dave Artell has the players playing amazing football with a great belief. No more falling behind and knowing we are suffering another defeat, the team dust themselves down and reply with attacking football

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  1. Stephen Clifford

    I hope we won’t have seen the last of Michael Nottingham anyway. Out of contract at Blackpool this Summer and clearly they don’t want him. DA already begun talks with him he said.

  2. Jean Graham

    So true and well written.Obviously football must come second , but compared to what joy we should have had together , it will not be the same.Only consolation is (and I do not think it would have happened ) if the season had carried on we might have had a blip , ended in the play-offs , and got beaten by Vale . Only trying to think of something to give us a bit of comfort-but cannot replace the euphoria we should have had , sharing the joy of promotion with our beloved Alex can never be replaced !

  3. Keith

    Well said Tom. Think we will see all our young players next season due to footballs current finances. Look forward to seeing how they handle L1.

  4. Russian

    A bitter sweet read. I think it sums up the feelings of many railwaymen, the slight void left by not having the last games played and the potential rollercoaster ride to champions or play offs…
    I have read that there are 1,400 professional footballers whose contracts expire on June 30th. With the parlous financial state of EFL football, those with a contract beyond that date will fell themselves lucky.

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