The Railwaymen Supporters Society are undertaking a share issue to raise capital to purchase shares in Crewe Alexandra Football Club to ensure supporters voices are heard at the heart of the club.

Across Social Media, Press and radio, we’ve been using the Hashtag of #Project250 for everything related to this Community Share opportunity. We really need all fans to get behind this and help shape a new future for Crewe Alexandra Football Club! 

Fund Raising Total


The Railwaymen will be updating our total amount collected by the subscriptions as often as we can. Please help us to reach our goal of £250,000.

We’ve made it well past the half way point now and need to keep driving towards meeting the final target! 

We need any fans that are interested to get in touch and take part in #Project250. Remember if you have any questions, contact us at info@railwaymen.co.uk for more information.


Community Shares Brochure

As part of the Railwaymen Supporters Society Launch meeting, a Brochure was produced to give all of the fans an overview of what we are trying to achieve.

This Brochure can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below:

Membership Form

The Membership Form can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below:

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